Introducing PneuCalc

PneuCalc is the only software application that provides an efficient workflow with many features to avoid design pitfalls and converge quickly and efficiently for an optimized design. Better design systems in a fraction of the time.

PneuCalc software

Designing or troubleshooting pneumatic conveying systems

Improperly designed conveying systems or process changes can wreak havoc on production lines with blockages in the system, irregular feed rates, or premature equipment wear. Understanding how the system parameters influence the behavior of conveyed material is key to efficient and reliable pneumatic handling of bulk materials.

Let PneuCalc help you reach production capacity and improve your bottom line!

Making smart design choices

Ready to optimize your system?

Take control of your material flow and maintain your system assets now.

I have used PneuCalc 7.0 to help verify, setup, and trouble shoot various pneumatic conveying systems.It was quick and easy giving the guidance needed for each project.This software will be another great tool for anyone that wants to understand the specifics of their pneumatic system air flow.

Kevin Solofra / Laboratory Manager, Bulk Solids Innovation Center, Kansas State University

Thank you for all of your hard work lately. I know you’ve been putting in extra hours on my account. After the design work has been calculated by my hand,PneuCalc 7.0.0 has made me easier and more confident to put it into practice.

Anu Promsoot / Thailand

The PneuCalc interface layout is intuitive and changes can be implemented quickly to explore multiple options in order to optimize system design.

Tim Dudash / Lead Process Engineering, Industrial Ally

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